In-Class Training

Want to have a promising career with an average salary of $44,500 in a job which there is short supply and high demand?  You won’t hear about it on TV, but a career in Medical Coding and Billing is one of the most rewarding and successful professional experience you can have.  The best part is that you can rely on Louisiana Healthcare Institute to provide a CPC Certification using curriculum and courses approved by the AAPC with experienced, expert instructors.  Follow the dynamic rhythm of instructor-led courses and classes every week, so you can start right now!

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Medical Coding & Billing

Why should you go on losing money in Medical Coding and Billing inefficiencies when you can conveniently outsource these services to experts who can really help your bottom line?

At Louisiana Healthcare Institute, for 18 years we’ve been helping several healthcare organizations, large and small, to rely on the kind of medical coding compliance and accurate billing that ends needless losses and begins to translate into growing revenues.

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Online Training

Welcome to the future of healthcare management education.  Whether you are preparing to take your CPC certification test or need additional training in ICD-10, you can rely on our highly specialized education program that lets you learn what you need-wherever you are.  Our online seminars and coding boot camps; not only provide the unique edge you need to pass an exam-they also help you to progress in your healthcare management career.  Plus, we offer customized training for the specific needs of your organization.

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Reimbursement Analysis & Clinical Documentation Improvement

Reimbursement make a whole science in itself, but you don’t have to take the tremendous cost of having a whole team making an effort to handle it-if you have one professional on your team who really knows how to run a practice analysis or a coding audit.  While theses professionals are in short supply, Louisiana Healthcare Institute can provide the training and support that will ensure that you or someone else on your team will have the Reimbursement Analysis and Clinical Documentation Improvement skills that your practice needs.  

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The Expert in Healthcare Reimbursement

The vision of Louisiana Healthcare Institute is to facilitate, educate and equip professionals with the skill set to manage healthcare organizations and facilities. Healthcare professionals and physicians can continue to practice medicine with a high-degree of efficacy in lieu of organizational management.

The mission of Louisiana Healthcare Institute is to promote and teach ethical and moral Medical Billing and Coding principles through our services and programs. We also support learning as a lifelong process in the ever-changing field of healthcare and reimbursement.

Louisiana Healthcare Institute can become the lifeline to your organization. We are here to facilitate business system analysis and process improvements with dynamic and innovative data-driven approaches and strategic planning.

At Louisiana Healthcare Institute, we don’t just uncover the problem, we provide education and training to eliminate it.

“…we don’t just uncover the problem, we provide education and training to eliminate it!”