Medical Coding & Billing Services

Why should you go on losing money in Medical Coding and Billing inefficiencies when you can conveniently outsource these services to experts who can really help your bottom line?

At Louisiana Healthcare Institute, for 18 years we’ve been helping several healthcare organizations, large and small, to rely on the kind of medical coding compliance and accurate billing that ends needless losses and begins to translate into growing revenues.

Louisiana Healthcare Institute provides comprehensive coding and compliance services that will facilitate your organization decease coding errors, mitigate risks and improve productivity. We have a proven record to increase compliance, productivity and reimbursement. We are the experts in healthcare reimbursement. We not only; assist with medical coding and healthcare reimbursement; but also, provide you the education and training to succeed.

Key benefits

  • Maintain coding compliance and accuracy
  • Increase coding and cash flow
  • Decrease accounts receivable days
  • Optimize reimbursement


Reimbursement Analysis & Clinical Documentation Improvement

Reimbursement make a whole science in itself, but you don’t have to take the tremendous cost of having a whole team making an effort to handle it-if you have one professional on your team who really knows how to run a practice analysis or a coding audit.  While theses professionals are in short supply, Louisiana Healthcare Institute can provide the training and support that will ensure that you or someone else on your team will have the Reimbursement Analysis and Clinical Documentation Improvement skills that your practice needs.

Are You in Need of a Practice Analysis or a Coding Audit?

In today’s workforce, there is a growing talent gap due to the aging workforce. Many organizations are forced to replace one highly skilled and experience employee with a team of individuals. Louisiana Healthcare Institute can mitigate this occurrence within your organization. As a comprehensive training institute, our mission is to facilitate, educate and equip you with the necessary skills for high quality efficiency.

Non-compliance can stem from lost charges, incorrect billing, inexperienced coders or a host of additional issues. All of which, can increase your risk of financial recoupments and compliance audits. Allow Louisiana Healthcare Institute to reduce your compliance risks and increase your accuracy and reimbursement.  Contact us today to establish your path to recovery.

Are You in Need of a Practice Analysis or a Coding Audit? Find out Now with 10 simple questions!

Online Training

Welcome to the future of healthcare management education.  Whether you are preparing to take your CPC certification test or need additional training in ICD-10, you can rely on our highly specialized education program that lets you learn what you need-wherever you are.  Our online seminars and coding boot camps; not only provide the unique edge you need to pass an exam-they also help you to progress in your healthcare management career.  Plus, we offer customized training for the specific needs of your organization.

Louisiana Healthcare Institute utilizes curriculum and courses approved by the AAPC, while offering multiple resources to ensure your success.

Course Includes:

  • Audio Lectures
  • Video Lecturesmedical coding
  • Email questions directly to your assigned online coding instructor
  • Practice assignment of diagnosis and procedure code sequencing
  • Quizzes
  • Chapter Exams
  • Email questions directly to your assigned online coding instructor
  • Final Practice Exam

REGISTER TODAY! New students can begin right away once they receive their materials in the mail.  An online instructor will be available to assist you as you begin your first module.

Standard and Customized Training Courses

Louisiana Healthcare offers standard and customized training courses to healthcare providers, organizations, governmental entities, in addition to insurance carriers. We have decades of knowledge and experience to facilitate your organizational education and training needs. We are the experts in healthcare reimbursement and documentation.

Louisiana Healthcare Institute provides individuals and group courses:

  • Certified Professional Coding Certification
  • Coding Bootcamp
  • CPC Examination Preparation
  • CPC Mock Exams
  • ICD-10 CM & ICD-10 PCS
  • Evaluation & Management
  • Compliance & Ethics
  • Clinical Documentation, Compliance & Competency
  • Customized Training Available upon Request

Classroom, online, day and night courses available. Ask Us about an opportunity for FREE training!

Start-Up & Implementation

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Revenue Cycle Management

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Compliance Audits

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Comprehensive Practice Management

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